Interview with Dr. Dustin Burleson

In this episode of the Dr. Darrow Podcast I’m excited to bring to you one of my favorite people, dear friends, business owner, and somebody whom I consult with way too often – Dr. Dustin Burleson DDS.

Dr. Burleson is a prolific writer, a healthcare practice owner and consultant to 100’s of orthodontic practices. Dustin’s crystal ball and passion for understanding how business works, has enabled his own practices, and his clients, to thrive in a time where orthodontics is flooded with direct-to-consumer (DTC) braces and teeth aligners!

In this episode we will cover some incredible insight on how focus on the service you provide, not the product you sell. We also talk about lessons learned from other industries about how to best combat DTC.

So much of what we covered is directly related to how your practice needs to change, focus on service, and welcome the flood of OTC hearing aids.

Highlights from the Interview include...

- Focus on the service we provide, not the products we sell
- What you can learn from other industries that have been inundated by DTC products (i.e. Warby Parker, Smile Direct Club, etc.)
- How to be different and become the trusted authority in your community
- Why we should embrace OTC hearing aids with open arms
- Dr. Burleson also treated us to a visualization of him in tight black Lululemon pants (YIKES!). Ha.


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