Interview with Mike Michalowicz

On Today’s podcast, we welcome one of my favorite people, a gentleman, scholar, author, and down-to-earth guy with an amazing beard, Mr. Mike Michalowicz

Mike is a prolific writer who understands the mindset of the small business owner with a winning formula for eradicating entrepreneurial poverty! From his writings on how to structure your accounting books (Profit First) to how to find your ‘a-client’ (The Pumpkin Plan) to his newest that helps your business stand out from the crowd in business (Get Different).

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So much of what we covered in this interview is directly related to how your practice needs to change, focus on service, and welcome the flood of OTC hearing aids. 

Highlights from the Interview include...

  • How Mike went from rags to riches and back to rags!
  • Why it’s so important to run a business with a profit first midset to help you serve our your mission
  • It’s okay to accept that you can’t be all things to all people
  • Why you must cut the pumpkins that don’t serve your mission
  • How it is mission critical to stay true to who you are (even if you’re from Jersey – JUST KIDDING!)
  • How to Get Different and the principles of marketing
  • Mike’s favorite movie and beer! 

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